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Compiler problems with Model Referencing

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Hernández García Ángel
Hernández García Ángel el 3 de Abr. de 2018
Respondida: Keith Rogers el 2 de Mzo. de 2020
Hi all,
When I tried to run my Simulink model in Accelerator mode, it gives me the following error message:
"The model 'Cheste_Microgrid_RMS_v8' is configured to use the compiler 'MinGW64 Compiler (C): Toochain', however the referenced model 'Cell_Temperature' was built with 'LCC64:TMF' which is not compatible for a model reference hierarchy build. Consider configuring all modules to use the same compiler. The Build Process will terminate".
Then, If I run the Simulink Model in Normal mode, it didn't give me these errors and the simulation is completed successfully. I have tried to check "mex -setup" and the compiler working 'MinGW64 Compiler (C)' and I don't understand why Simulink when it's loading the model it doesn't compile the Model Reference 'Cell_Temperature' as the main model 'Cheste_Microgrid_RMS_v8'. I also have tried to run Performance Advisor and it is not able to fix the problem.
King Regards,
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Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain el 18 de Feb. de 2019
Where you able to solve this issue.? I am also facing this issue with model referencing.
Pablo Nanez
Pablo Nanez el 6 de Mzo. de 2019
Same here, my simulation was running ok, and I start getting this error after I installed MinGW-w64 Compiler from

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Keith Rogers
Keith Rogers el 2 de Mzo. de 2020
I tried doing what it suggested and copied the contents into new files. That resolved the problem for me.

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