the problem to generate a matrix in C + + code by Matlab coder

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Hello every one, I wish that you are very nice, because me I dont think that I am :( .
Since a week , I had try to generate a C++ code from code Matlab using Matlab Coder. So I defined a function on Matlab, and it has a (matrice [3][3], double) like Input (Of course I defined the type of Matrice in tollbox properties of Matalb coder) and returned a function has same dimension and type like Input matrice, But the problem, the code generated by Matlab coder, has a function that it has a Array[9] (3*3) like input and output parameter.
so I ask If it possible that make it generated Matrice[3][3] as it define in Matlab code ?
Thank you in advance for your help

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Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 24 May 2012
There is no way to get MATLAB Coder to generate multi-dimensional arrays in C. This usually is not a practical problem. For most purposes A[3][3] and A[9] and *A behave largely the same in C. For example you can pass any one of these to a function expecting any of the others.
Why do you care about the format?

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