Maximal Function Evaluations Change

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Szymon Cedrowski
Szymon Cedrowski on 16 Apr 2018
Edited: Szymon Cedrowski on 17 Apr 2018
Hi everybody! Is there any possibility to change number of Maximal Function Evaluations in integral3 function? It's really important in a problem that I'm struggling with :/ Is it possible to change it in a source code of this function or in any other way? I'm counting on your help, Szymon
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Torsten on 17 Apr 2018
Maybe by reducing the precision for the solution.

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Amjad Green
Amjad Green on 17 Apr 2018
i'm not sure what max you want but the source code for (int3) is unavailable to edit the following code does the same job using (int) only
syms x y z %assume f=x*y*zdxdydz f1=int(f,x,xmin,xmax) f1=int(f,y,ymin,ymax) f1=int(f,z,zmin,zmax)
you can then use max to find the maximums in the array

Szymon Cedrowski
Szymon Cedrowski on 17 Apr 2018
Edited: Szymon Cedrowski on 17 Apr 2018
I'm talking about this warning:
Warning: Reached the maximum number of function evaluations (10000). The result passes the global error test. > In integral2Calc>integral2t (line 136)
Some of integrals included in my code aren't possible to calculate with this number of function evaluations (10000) and I get an error from time to time. I would like to increase this quantity, f.ex in the source code of integral3.m, because in default I can't change it by adding one argument, when I call integral3().

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