Limit the values of the extreme elements of a vector.

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Good Morning. I have this vector:
A=[ 0.0 0.66 1.37 2.17 3.13 3.81 4.54 5.44 6.04 6.66 ]
The elements that make up this vector will be changing progressively, that is, the previous number is smaller than the posterior one. The first element of this vector will always be 0.0 and the last vector element that does not exceed the value of 10.
I hope you help me.
Greetings and thanks.
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez on 26 Apr 2018
Hi. Sorry. You're right. The specific question is: How do I limit the extreme values of a vector that is continuously changing values? The values are progressive The restriction one is that the first value must be zero or greater than zero Restriction two is that the last value should not be greater than 10 I hope I explained the problem.

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Accepted Answer

Birdman on 25 Apr 2018
Maybe this will help:
A=[0 sort(low+(up-low)*rand(1,n))]

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Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez on 26 Apr 2018
Thank you very much.

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