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Can someone figure out whats wrong with my code?

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Calvin calvis
Calvin calvis on 26 Apr 2018
Edited: Calvin calvis on 27 Apr 2018
I'm trying to develope a code for my GUI,but when I try to run this error pop out
*Field assignment to a non-structure array object.
Error in PROJECT_2>btnRUN_Callback (line 126) Out(1).Loc='(0)Normal ';
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95) feval(varargin{:});
Error in PROJECT_2 (line 42) gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Error in>@(hObject,eventdata)PROJECT_2('btnRUN_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject)) Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.*
Attached files are my code,txt format and GUI program,thanks!

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 26 Apr 2018
You are a call to a function like this:
which returns an "Out" variable that is not a struct array apparently. Then you try to modify the same variable immediately after that call as if it is a struct:
Either make sure Out from the first function is a struct array, or rename the second Out something else like OutX.

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Calvin calvis
Calvin calvis on 27 Apr 2018
unfortunately it doesn't work for renaming the second Out.

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