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What is the proper 'Dimensions' value for a bus signal in a Signal Specification block?

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Michael on 30 Apr 2018
Commented: Michael on 3 May 2018
I am getting the following error when trying to update diagram:
Incoming buses to block 'TMPEST__FuelSys/MainFuelSystem/Plant/FuelChillHXPump/SigAssign' have a dimension mismatch. The signal at
input port 5 of 'TMPEST__FuelSys/Switch_CFTtall/Switch' is of width 5, while its corresponding signal at input port 5 of
'TMPEST__FuelSys/MainFuelSystem/Plant/FuelChillHXPump/HeatLoadComponent/SigAssign' is of width 1. This error message is related to a
hidden SubSystem block.
I was going to try adding a Signal Specification block in a couple places to see if that would straighten things out, but it's unclear to me how to properly specify the width/dimensions for a bus signal. The bus signal is defined by the object SLBUS_ENGCYCLE_HEATLOAD_REAL which has four doubles plus a sub-bus with 5 doubles as shown below ( getFullBusTree is my own function, not a built-in).
Element Name Data Type
=================== =========================
param__volume double
in__Q double
in__dPqP double
in__IC_Tout double
.W double
.ht double
.Tt double
.Pt double
.FAratio double
So for a Signal Specification block, would the 'Dimensions' be 1 (since it's not an array of this type of bus) or 5 (the number of elements of the SLBUS_ENGCYCLE_HEATLOAD_REAL bus itself) or 9 (the expanded number of double leaf nodes)?


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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 2 May 2018
Dimension is 1 for all signals shown in the above bus. Each of the signals in the bus are scalar.

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Michael on 3 May 2018
Each of the signals would be dimension of 1 since they are all scalar, but is the whole bus defined by that bus object also considered to be of dimension 1?

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