Simulink: How to export to workspace all entities attributes?

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I have assigned 7 different attributes to each entity (mainly time stamps as the entity moves along the process). How can I export to workspace a variable containing a matrix with all the attributes (columns) for each entity (rows) ?
Matias Giardino
Matias Giardino on 28 May 2018
Hi, I'm using simevents. Entities are created using the entities generator module. Thanks.

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Answers (1)

Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 4 Dec 2018
Hi Matias,
Have you tried using the assignin function? For example, in the event actions of any SimEvents block, try calling:
assignin('base', 'k', entity)
Assuming, k is the variable in your workspace that you want to assign the values of the entity to.
- Krishna


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