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How to show an individual YTickLabel to the right of the single Y axis?

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I would like to place an YTickLabel to the right of the Y axis. Currently, my figure looks like this:

Now, I would like to move the lower label $-M_{r0}$ (which is overlapping with the graph) to the right of the Y axis. How can I achieve that? Thanks!

Here's my MWE:

close all;
set(groot, 'defaultAxesTickLabelInterpreter','latex'); 
figure1=figure('Position',[320 50 600 450]);
set(plot1,'Color',[1 0 0]);
ylabel('Torque $M_r(\omega)$','FontSize',14,'Interpreter','latex');
xlabel('Velocity $\omega$','FontSize',14,'Interpreter','latex');
axp=get(gca,'Position'); % needed to put arrows in the right position
annotation('arrow', [axp(1) axp(1)+axp(3)],[axp(2)+axp(4)/2 axp(2)+axp(4)/2]);
annotation('arrow', [axp(1)+axp(3)/2 axp(1)+axp(3)/2],[axp(2) axp(2)+axp(4)]);
box off;

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza el 29 de Mayo de 2018
Editada: Ameer Hamza el 29 de Mayo de 2018
Instead of using ylabel to write the labels, use annotation to place the labels at the required position. For example,
set(gca,'ytick',[],'yticklabel',[]); % remove the yticks
annotation('textbox', 'String', '\fontsize{14pt} -M_{r0}', 'Position', [0.5, 0.4 0.1 0.1], 'EdgeColor', [1 1 1])
annotation('textbox', 'String', '\fontsize{14pt} M_{r0}', 'Position', [0.5, 0.6 0.1 0.1], 'EdgeColor', [1 1 1])
You might need to experiment with the position property to get the desired position.
Edit: To keep the location of labels linked with your graph values, use the following statements
text('String', '\fontsize{14pt} -M_{r0}', 'Position', [1 -3])
text('String', '\fontsize{14pt} M_{r0}', 'Position', [1 3])
Here Position property specifies the x and y data value on the graph, not the normalized coordinates (0 to 1) as required by annotation(). So if the axis limit change, these labels will also change accordingly.
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Greg el 29 de Mayo de 2018
Editada: Greg el 29 de Mayo de 2018
It isn't elegant, but space pad the tick label until it shows up better.
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rai7aeLa el 29 de Mayo de 2018
I have tried, but it does not work: Spaces are indeed added, but the position of the visible part (-Mr0) stays the same. Maybe the text is aligned to the right?
Greg el 29 de Mayo de 2018
Yes, it is right justified to the Y axis. You'd had to right-pad until the text moves to the left.

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