How to change input size of neural network from 3d to 2d?

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Jahandad Baloch
Jahandad Baloch on 30 May 2018
Commented: Jahandad Baloch on 31 May 2018
I have to classify 2d images using googlenet model of Neural Network Toolbox, here the input layer size is 224x224x3 but I need it to classify 224x224x1. How to change the size of input layer and what else would be needed to change after this change in input size?

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Majid Farzaneh
Majid Farzaneh on 30 May 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 30 May 2018
You can use the gray-scale image instead of RGB image. Use this command to make gray-scale from RGB:
Where I is your input image.
Also you can use one of layer of image:
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Jahandad Baloch
Jahandad Baloch on 31 May 2018
Thank you very much Majid and Walter. The problem is, I already have gray-scale 2D images but googlenet model by Neural Network Toolbox accepts data in 3D. Should I introduce third dimension by converting gray-scale to RGB? Wouldn't this extra dimension reduce the performance of algorithm?

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