joint probability 2 arrays

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meshesurf on 11 Jun 2018
Answered: Balaji Udayagiri on 8 Jul 2022
Hi, I need to find the joint probability between 2 arrays of the same length and plot the 2 arrays togheter with the probability (as the colour) with scatter

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Balaji Udayagiri
Balaji Udayagiri on 8 Jul 2022
Hi meshesurf
As per my understanding, you want to find the plot for the joint probability density functions.
Here is an example code that you can modify according to your need:
X = [1;2;1;1;2;1;1];
Y = [1;1;2;2;1;1;2];
%First find all list of values in X and Y seperately
% In this case I have taken only 1,2 as the possible values,
x_vals = [1,2];
y_vals = [1,2];
values={x_vals y_vals};
count=hist3([X,Y],'ctrs',values);%first count the values
p=count/sum(sum(count)); % then divide by the sum on all matrix value to get probability
imagesc displays the probability values as differenc tcolour intensities.

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