how to process the data contained NAN for ANFIS

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Innosens on 7 Jun 2012
I have a problem in processing data for ANFIS. I have the data, which contains a NaN. how can I use these data for ANFIS

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Nirmal on 8 Jun 2012
Depends on what you really need to do. But usually when it comes to be Nan, i assume they come because of the missing value(provided these arenot from some computation).
I set it to 0. It might be different in your case though.
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Innosens on 11 Jun 2012
Thanks Nirmal ....
My project is about the estimation of precipitable water vapor (aortic). I essentially want to know how the correlation between the process of ANFIS with GPS data (aortic). problem when the training data or validation data contain NAN, when processed ANFIS will be error or stop the process. is there a solution to solve this problem?

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