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Converting a 3D matrix into a 2D in the correct order.

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Hi guys, so i have a index matrix of 1x8x50 (i know this is almost a vector). exemple:
T(:,:,48) = 37.3795 32.7215 31.9475 35.0683 35.8266 61.2570 45.0210 44.3608
T(:,:,49) = 38.7236 33.9132 33.1193 36.3396 37.1225 63.2087 46.5356 45.9089
And i Want to put it all in a 2D matrix with the index of (50;8). But when do reshape(T[size(T,3),size(T,2)]), it organizes the matrix by column. What i would like is that each 3D matriz would be a row of my 2D matrix. Like T(:,:,1) would be the first line of the 2D matrix and so on.
Thank you!!

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Sayyed Ahmad
Sayyed Ahmad on 19 Jun 2018
Edited: Sayyed Ahmad on 19 Jun 2018
for i=1:8
for j=1:50

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