I want to build the simulink model for PMSM motor, which takes input from PWM high speed block of micro chip motor library.

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Hello, I am buliding PMSM motor model using microchip library which i have to deploy on dsPIC33EP512 controller. So for that, I am using simulink, i have to PWM high speed block for input to motor, i am facing error, I used SVPWM block of microchip library, and got error of "The expected number of dialog parameters of 'try_PWM/SVM-generator:gain-and-phase-shift/codegeneration' (1) does not match the number of dialog parameters specified in the MATLAB S-Function parameters dialog box (0)"
I have one more question that, can i use
SVPWM and PWM block same time, or not?
Attching diagram of model, please help to remove the error.

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Sabin el 17 de Nov. de 2023
From what can be seen in the diagram there is a 'dq-to-alphabeta' block which outputs two signals connected to the SVM generator block which expects more than two signals. Also if the SVM is outputing the PWM (6 signals) this cannnot be directly used to supply the machine without an inverter.

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