Divide y values of two graph?

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i want to divide y values of the orange line by the blue line with the same x value, but x values have different point so they have different matrix size, i'm a noob, could you help me?
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Ankita Bansal
Ankita Bansal on 20 Jun 2018
Your question is a bit unclear. Can you give more information?

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Sayyed Ahmad
Sayyed Ahmad on 20 Jun 2018
what about htis?
hold on;

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Steven Yeh
Steven Yeh on 20 Jun 2018
You could create a new time series, and use linear interpolation to find corresponding values.
For example:
ax = linspace(0, 10, 20);
ay = ax;
bx = linspace(0, 10, 30);
by = bx/2;
timeSeriesWanted = linspace(0, 10, 1000);
ay_interpolated = interp1(ax, ay, timeSeriesWanted);
by_interpolated = interp1(bx, by, timeSeriesWanted);
ay_dividedBy_by = ay_interpolated ./ by_interpolated;
plot(ax, ay,'*-')
hold on
plot(bx, by,'*-')
plot(timeSeriesWanted, ay_dividedBy_by, '-');
legend('a', 'b', 'a/b with interpolation')
Assuming your original data series are (ax, ay) and (bx, by), you can create new series by calling interp1.

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