matlab read only first letter from string

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void22 on 21 Jun 2018
Answered: void22 on 21 Jun 2018
hello i wrote the following code to create a list of strings related to files that i have :
formatspec = 'f%dK.csv';
for i =0:16
myfiles(i+1,:)= sprintf(formatspec,i);
but now that i check the string , for example i write in the command window myfiles(1) and matlab prints 'f' when i click myfiles in the workspace it shows me the full string that i coded 'f0K.csv' what is causing this? thanks!

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void22 on 21 Jun 2018
actually it wasn't the problem but i figured it out , for others : the variable called myfiles is a vector of strings , but when i call a specific string i must use my files(3,:) so it calls the entire string and not only the first letter .

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Majid Farzaneh
Majid Farzaneh on 21 Jun 2018
Hi, You should use a function to read your data like:
M = csvread(filename)
In your code
formatspec = 'f%dK.csv';
is a string. It does not read your file. You assigned 'f0K.csv' (a string value) to formatspec.

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