Simulation time in Simulink

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I need to run a simulation from x sec to y sec in Simulink enviroment. I go to Solver --> set Start time=x Stop Time=y and run simulation. But this doesn´t work because simulation keep starting @ 0 sec. Does anybody knows how to do it?

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Jingfang Qu
Jingfang Qu on 22 Jun 2018
I understand you had some issue when you tried to set the simulation time for the Simulink model. You are in the right direction:
1. Configuration Parameters->Solver->Simulation time
2. Set start time=x, Stop Time=y;
3. Click Apply, then click OK.
4. Simulate the model, it should start with x and stop at y.
To see the start time, you can click on Step Forward instead of run, then you will see T=x at bottom right.
Pablo Panitta
Pablo Panitta on 22 Jun 2018
Yes and actually appears the T=Tstart x sec, but simulation always start running from 0 sec. Really weird...

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Ankita Bansal
Ankita Bansal on 25 Jun 2018
Edited: Ankita Bansal on 25 Jun 2018
Hi, can you see time offset(=4) at bottom right of your figure window?
The time offset is actually the start time you have given. The simulation runs from T=4 sec to T=12 sec only. It's just that the graph is shifted by 4 secs (x secs ).
You can also export the data to workspace and check for the min and max values of tout.
Ankita Bansal
Ankita Bansal on 25 Jun 2018
"simulation actually last 8 sec"
Hi Pablo, simulation is running for 4 to 12 secs (for 8 secs duration). And the graph you are getting is also for 4 to 12 secs, it's just shifted by 4 secs. (4->0 and 12 ->8)
So (x,y) point in the graph actually corresponds to (x+4,y).

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Pablo Panitta
Pablo Panitta on 27 Jun 2018
Hi Ankita, first thank for keep helping me in this. Unfortunatelly I don´t see the same what you´re seeing.
Picture 1: Complete simulation time Tstart=0, Tstop=12
Picture 2 : Partial simulation time Tstart=4 , Tsopt=12.
The only difference I see is the time finish, but partial simulation is not starting at 4 sec, but 0 sec, which is what I try to avoid.
Thanks Pablo




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