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R2018a reopens excel after calling multiple readtable

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Mark Nardi
Mark Nardi on 4 Jul 2018
Answered: Harsh on 20 Jul 2018
My program calls readtable 4 times in a Loop. Sometimes it will open 4 excelfiles, which will remain open, and Matlab will read from exactly these 4 open files for the whole run-through. But sometimes it will reopen these excelfiles over and over again (100*6*4 times), which will consume all the Memory. How is this possible, that one time Matlab goes this way, and another time that way?


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Accepted Answer

Harsh on 20 Jul 2018
On Windows, you can use the 'basic' flag of 'readtable' which will work without opening an instance of excel. More info on this in the doc here.


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