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iffah on 11 Jun 2012
Hi there,
I am a MATLAB newbie, I'm trying to compute relative difference between two sets of data for example [x1,y1] and [x2,y2]
[x1,y1] and [x2,y2] are one column arrays with 106 rows.
I can't make up my mind on which function to use.
i have tried; fittting = 100 * (1-norm(capacitance1)/norm(capac))
per_error = abs(( (capac - capacitance1) ./ capacitance1 ) * 100) % This computes the percentage error of each element/each row.
errperf(capacitance1,capac,'pe') ;
Is there a MATLAB function that produces one value that identifies the relative difference/percentage error of two set of files? Help!
Thank you in advance Thank you in advance

Answers (1)

Nirmal on 12 Jun 2012
Why dont you use norm ([x1,y1]-[x2,y2]).
if you want relative difference you can use norm([x1,y1]-[x2,y2])/norm([x1,y1])

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