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non linear curve fitting for kinetic parameters

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My code starts with solving 6 differential equations by initial guess for 8 parameters. In the end, it gives the values for the parameter of interest (mass yield). On the other hand mass yields have been found by experiments. (the code has been written till here) The rest of the code should compare the values found by the model and the values from the experiment. If they were different should change the initial 8 guesses until the difference is acceptable. The function to be used is probably lsqnonlin. It should solve, as lsqcurvefit, nonlinear least-squares problems, but slightly differently. The function to be minimized should probably be specified as a function handle for an external M-file function. My main problem is the coding. As I have never worked with function handles and lsqnonlin. If you can give me a clue on how to implement them, it would be a great help.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Jul 2018
Please do not close a question that has an answer.

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Diwakar Ravichandran
Diwakar Ravichandran on 18 Jul 2018
Edited: Diwakar Ravichandran on 18 Jul 2018
Hi Mohammad,
I am assuming that you have gone through the documentation for lsqnonlin. If not, then this is the link to the same.
If you have gone through the documentation and still some problem persists, I would appreciate it if you could be a bit more specific as to what and how do you intend to implement your functions.
Hope this helps,
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Mohammad Heidari
Mohammad Heidari on 23 Jul 2018
Hi, Thank you for the great support. I solved my problem using the optimtool/lsqnonlin.

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