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Problem with parpool - not enough arguments ???

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Mariusz Ostrowski
Mariusz Ostrowski on 17 Jul 2018
Commented: Mariusz Ostrowski on 10 Aug 2018
I have parametrised Parallel Computing Tolbox via this window:
Some time ago everyfing was OK, but today I saw that when I perform simulation using "parsim" there is runed only one parallel worker (should be 16). I have a message:
Error using parpool (line 103)
Not enough input arguments.
Yesterday the same code was working. Where is the problem?
Best regards

Answers (1)

Diwakar Ravichandran
Diwakar Ravichandran on 18 Jul 2018
Hi Mariusz,
There was another answer on the forum for the same question.
The link to it
This seemed to work for others.
Hope this helps
Mariusz Ostrowski
Mariusz Ostrowski on 10 Aug 2018
Is there any solve of my problem? Can I help you find reason of my problem?
Matlab reinstallation also did not help.
Best regards

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