Generation of a column with constants values that increases for different RANGE of row

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I'm trying to generate ONE column of numbers in Matlab as follows:
1) let the value be equal 10 for row 1 to 30,
2) let the value be equal 10 + increment (for example increment=8) for row 31 to 60,
3) let the value increase in increments of 8 for each new sequence of row 1 to 30
until final constant value equals a number, (for example, 82)
I tried a loop like this:
for f =1:30
for g=(10:8:82);
h(f,1) = g;
but did not work.
My result is only a column with the constant 82
from row 1 until 30.
I wonder if someone could help me.

Accepted Answer

Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 28 Mar 2011
1) A( 1:30,1) = 10;
2) A(31:60,1) = 18:8:10+8*30;
3) not clear

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