How can I get the output and input names of all my subsystem blocks in my simulink model?

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I used Simscape to build a circuit that I divided into different subsystems. Is it possible to read in the inputs and outputs of these subsystem blocks and the name of the subsystem block with a Matlab function like find_system?

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Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace on 24 Jul 2018
Yes. What have you tried so far?
Something like this should work.
rootHdl = get_param(bdroot, 'Handle');
sysIns = find_system(rootHdl, 'BlockType', 'Inport');
sysOuts = find_system(rootHdl, 'BlockType', 'Outport');
inportNames = get_param(sysIns, 'Name');
outportNames = get_param(sysOuts , 'Name');
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Alikouider on 7 Dec 2021
I would like to Know how I could get the input port of the first level of my system only?
Thanks in advance

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Julian Dieterle
Julian Dieterle on 25 Jul 2018
Thanks a lot!
I get the name of the corresponding subsystem block from:

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