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Error using plot: Too many input arguments

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Hrithik George
Hrithik George on 25 Jul 2018
Using Matlab Online, My Code:
>> a = 0:0.5:50; >> b = a.^2; >> plot(a,b)
Error using plot Too many input arguments.
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KSSV on 25 Jul 2018
It should not give any error. Did you write any function on name plot? What does
which plot

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Diwakar Ravichandran
Diwakar Ravichandran on 25 Jul 2018
Hi Hrithik,
I did try reproducing the issue, and wasn't able to. You can try one of these two things.
1) As KSSV suggested, you can check what the which plot command returns. If it is a custom function which is in the same folder as pwd, then MATLAB will call that function first and hence you might be getting the above mentioned output.
2) It is also possible that you had made a mistake in the syntax on your command window and what you typed here is correct. Whilst, it is unlikely, I would suggest you try it again.
Hope this helps,

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