tracking of moving particles

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hallo i am doing project on tracking on moving particle ,can someone help me to find out tracking path and direction of that moving nparticles ??

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Ashutosh Prasad
Ashutosh Prasad on 3 Aug 2018
Hey, You can use Lucas-Kanade-Tomasi Tracker (KLT Tracker) Algorithm to detect the trajectory of a moving particle in a video sequence, if that is what you intend to do. Here is the link to the documentation of Point tracker object of the Computer Vision Toolbox that you may refer to.
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Chirag Maniya
Chirag Maniya on 8 Aug 2018
thanks for your replay , in my moving particles some of them also changes the size also so i am not sure this algorithm will work or not. also i want to track the path by some pixel like in one frame suppose it is (3,5) and in next frame it will (4,9) so like this i wanted to track.

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