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Can Matlab Compiler package stand-alone apps that can read and write data to an Excel spreadsheet?

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Austin Brehm
Austin Brehm on 2 Aug 2018
Commented: Austin Brehm on 7 Aug 2018
I have created a program that involves reading and writing information to an Excel spreadsheet. I have created a stand-alone app using Matlab Compiler, but the program will not write or open the Excel spreadsheet. I am using writetable and xlsread.


Dennis on 2 Aug 2018
Yes, this can work. Without more information it is hard to pinpoint the error. My first guess would be that the path to your files is incorrect.
Austin Brehm
Austin Brehm on 7 Aug 2018
I am trying to compile an application with SelectFile.m as the main and SelectFile.fig, Alternative.m, Primary.m, Alternative.xlsx, and Primary.xlsx as required files. Before packaging the app, I have all of these files in the same folder named "Austin's Research Project". After packaging, installing, and running the app, an error message pops up (3.png). Any help with this issue?

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Harsh on 3 Aug 2018
You can use MATLAB compiler to compile programs that read and write from an Excel. As Dennis mentioned, make sure the Excel exists and has the correct path available to the compiled program. This link maybe helpful to package the excel file with your code.
Also suggest using readtable instead of xlsread. As an additional option, you can create a log file that would give runtime information on the exact error message MATLAB is encountering. To do this use 'Additional runtime settings' on the Application Compiler GUI or use the -R option with mcc.

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