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BackProgation Neural network on GPU

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Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki on 3 Aug 2018
Reopened: Walter Roberson on 22 Dec 2018
Hi everyone,
Can you help me how to write backprogation in neural network on GPU?
I assume that my data is big, and number of input, hidden, output neuron are 784, 1024 and 10. this like MNIST data.
I write code manually, not use function in neural network tools.
I wonder about update weight is not parallel, so How can use GPU here?
Thanks so much.
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki on 6 Aug 2018
Thank. I wrote backprogation code not use function 'train' support by matlab. So my mean is in the backprogation, we have to update weight based on previous weight. so I dont know how to use parallel programming here. is it mean we put 60000 samples of MNIST once time. and then caculate error?. please correct me if i am wrong? Thank.

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Accepted Answer

Diwakar Ravichandran
Diwakar Ravichandran on 8 Aug 2018
Hi Tiki,
As I try to understand you want to implement back propagation by hard coding the variables. To do the same you have to know the back propagation algorithm and understand how it works. You cant code on a GPU you code and the process runs on a GPU.
This article online explains what back propagation is as mentioned below,
Hope this helps,
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki on 8 Aug 2018
Thank. I already run code use function with GPU supported by matlab like train or feedforward. however, I cannot see inside function, So I had to write step by step to describe backprogation in my network. but i still dont understand how GPU can use.
Anyway, Thank for your support.

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