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How do I remove signal highlighting inside a library in Simulink MATLAB 2016b?

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According to the MATLAB documentation, we can remove highlighting in Simulink by "Removing Highlighting: To remove all highlighting, select Remove Highlighting from the model's context menu, or select Display > Remove Highlighting." This works for Models, however when saved as a library, this does not work. Is this a known bug? If yes, is there a workaround?

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GK el 30 de Ag. de 2018
If editing the library does not work, You can 1. Copy the contents of library into model, then 2. Right click "Removing Highlighting" or alternatively "Ctrl+Shift+H", then, 3. Copy back the contents into library block, and last 4. Save the library.
This should remove the highlighting from your library block.
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Glen Tallarek
Glen Tallarek el 13 de Feb. de 2023
Sorry, but that is not a good nor acceptable solution. That is essentially what I need to go through right now by closing the library model and then reopening it again. We need to know how to remove the highlighting without having to exit the editing session and then re-opening it. Is this a known flaw in Matlab Simulink?

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