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How to obtain radio button index in APP Designer

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Brian el 29 de Ag. de 2018
Comentada: Greg el 30 de Ag. de 2018
I'm new to APP Designer. I've made a simple APP that has radio buttons which correspond to the names of the columns in an ascii file that I have read in. I want to plot different columns of the file (e.g. Time vs Pressure, Time vs Temperature, etc.) when I select a button.
so, when I click on a button, I want to plot columns 1 vs buttonnumber e.g
in the UIAxes. How do I get the button number from the buttonclick callback? I don't see it in the properties of the buttongroup.

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Greg el 30 de Ag. de 2018
Editada: Greg el 30 de Ag. de 2018
There are a few ways to do it, each with a different level of impact to your code. The way that requires no changes except a new line of code to define buttonnumber is:
buttonnumber = ismember(app.grpRadioButtons.Buttons,app.grpRadioButtons.SelectedObject);
Obviously, you'll have to put in your own appropriate tag for the radio button group. Also, I personally wouldn't use the variable name buttonnumber since this is strictly a logical output (which works exactly as-is to index into data). If you truly (superfluously) want the numeric value, throw a find on it.
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Brian el 30 de Ag. de 2018
Perfect, thanks!
Greg el 30 de Ag. de 2018
Happy to help!

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