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uiget problem larger data cell

Asked by murat
on 21 Jun 2012
Hi all,
I have 170 asc files and I try to combine them in a excel file. the question is about the selecting them by using the uiget code.
first to select the files
[filename, pathname, filterindex] = uigetfile( ...
{ '*.asc','ASCII (*.asc)'; ...
'*.mat','MAT-files (*.mat)'; ...
'*.*', 'All Files (*.*)'}, ...
'Pick a file', ...
'MultiSelect', 'on');
size (D);
I used this code then try to write name from d and etc. but the error is related to not working the asc files after from 136 asc files.
so uiget code does not work for 137 and more asc files..
I m using matlab 7 and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with 2010 ms office.
thanks in advance..


What error message do you observe, or do you just not get the correct size back?
on 21 Jun 2012
if I select 136 asc file, it is ok but if I select more than 136 files, I get the D matrix as ñ .. not defined. so the codes later does not work..

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