Plot Impedance Diagram from values

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Cyriac Jose
Cyriac Jose on 11 Sep 2018
Commented: Cyriac Jose on 19 Nov 2018
I have a set of 50 Hz Voltage and Current values stored as arrays under variable name 'Volt' and 'Cur' sampled at 1000 Hz. How can I plot the impedance diagram (R+jX) from these? Thanks

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Ashutosh Prasad
Ashutosh Prasad on 14 Sep 2018
From what I understand is that you have complex valued Voltages(Volt) and Currents(Cur). To get the impedance value for a particular value of voltage and current, the following relations will hold.
R = real(Volt/Cur);
X = imag(Volt/Cur);
Now to get the impedance diagram you just need to plot the data obtained above in appropriate axes.
Let me know if this is what you intend to do.
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Cyriac Jose
Cyriac Jose on 19 Nov 2018
No we can plot them directly. The issue is to do an fft on a 20 ms window and then plot the same.

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