how to filter a point cloud according to the color of the points?

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I have a thermal image registered point cloud where the heated substance appears yellowish color and the other parts are black. Now I want to get a point cloud only with the points that has color yellowish and delete the other points that are black. The image of the point cloud that I have is attached.

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Ashutosh Prasad
Ashutosh Prasad on 14 Sep 2018
You can use simple image segmentation techniques to segment out the yellow portions of the image. A very basic approach would be to threshold the image using the im2bw function by setting the threshold parameter close to the yellow marker.
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Sirazum Munira Tisha
Sirazum Munira Tisha on 19 Sep 2018
I can segment the image but I need to segment the point cloud as well based on the color, which I am failing to do.I didn't find any function for doing that. Thanks for your reply though.

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