Multiple outputs from one function?

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Katie on 25 Jun 2012
Is it possible to obtain 2 outputs for one function? I've written an m file that can give me the 0th, 1st and 2nd moments of some time-resolved spectra, and it appears to be working nicely. However, I want to apply a baseline correction, which I can do within my function, but it would be nice if I could generate a new matrix with the baseline corrected data without having to run two different functions. I want it to pop up in the workspace.
I'm relatively new to programming in general, so any help is really appreciated! I feel like there must be a way to do this, since I can plot it, and I can have it show up in the command window. Thanks!

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Nirmal on 25 Jun 2012
A simple example of it is:
function [a,b]= myfunction(c,d)
Function returns a,b.

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