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How can I color a (circle) area in a scatterplot?

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Anna Boehm
Anna Boehm on 1 Oct 2018
Answered: Anna Boehm on 2 Oct 2018
In my task, I should draw n samples from a two dimensional random variable U=(U1,U2), where U1 and U2 are independent and both uniformly distributed on [-1,1].
Afterwards, I should plot the sample and mark all the samples which fulfill (U1^2 + U2^2)<1. (I already know that the outcome will be a circle with radius r=1.)
To plot the sample I used scatter(U1,U2). How can I color the samples which fulfill the condition (U1^2 + U2^2)<1?

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Adam on 1 Oct 2018
doc scatter
shows a 4-argument syntax which allows you to include a vector of colours of equal length to the x and y. So you can use whatever logic you wish to make some of those colours different and the rest a standard colour. In your case just a simple logical mask can be used to insert your chosen colour into an array of your chosen default colour.
You can pass in [] as the 3rd argument if you don't care about explicitly setting the marker size.

jonas on 1 Oct 2018
Edited: jonas on 1 Oct 2018
You could do something like,

JohnGalt on 1 Oct 2018
I don't have access to the scatterplot function but the technique you're looking for is called logical indexing... where you set up an index for each co-ordinate which is either true or false. if it's true plot it one colour, if it's false plot it another colour.
samples = rand(10000,2)*2 -1; % create data
x = samples(:,1);
y = samples(:,2);
mask = (x.^2 + y.^2) <1; % create logical mask (true/false)
figure; hold on; % new figure window. enable overlaying of plots
plot(x,y,'b.'); % plot a blue dot for all points
plot(x(mask),y(mask),'r.') % overwrite all points where mask==true with a red dot

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