Missing statistics in SimEvents

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Jesús Jiménez Sánchez
Jesús Jiménez Sánchez on 11 Oct 2018
Answered: Krishna Akella on 4 Dec 2018
I am trying to use the M/M/1 example model in SimEvents for a university project and I need the statistics to get the mean waiting time but in the Statistics toolbar I only have Trace Selection and Cursor Measurements.
I have tried reinstalling it but it didn't fix the problem. Could anybody help me?
I am using it on macOS.

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 4 Dec 2018
Hi Jesús,
Have you tried to log the statistics to the workspace instead? To do this, in your scope window, go to 'View' -> 'Configuration Properties'. Then select the 'Logging' tab page. The select 'Log data to workspace' and give an appropriate name to the variable. If you want the time component too in the logged data, you can select 'Structure with time' from the drop-down menu. Then all of the data that you see in the scope gets logged to a variable in your workspace.
Does that solve?
- Krishna


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