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Simevents: Composite Entities across Referenced Model Inports

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Hello there,
we are using the SimEvents toolbox to model a complex system. A part of the system is needed as multiple instances, hence the need for a Referenced Model. The Inport of this model is supposed to work with complex objects, i.e. Composite Entity.
Please see the minimum example attached as a screenshot. How can you make an Inport aware of its composite entity data type? I've tried quite a few different approaches without success.
Thanks for your help!
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Thomas Dietrich
Thomas Dietrich on 18 Oct 2018
Sadly I was also not able to make this work by defining a Bus Object. In order to make this a reality I would need to name an Entity as a datatype. Is that a possibility?
Thankful for any help!

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 10 Dec 2018
Hi Thomas,
As far as I know, until R2018b, entities cannot cross a model boundary.
- Krishna
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Thomas Dietrich
Thomas Dietrich on 10 Dec 2018
Hey Krishna,
that's also my verdict. I doubt this will be supported any time soon. However, a working solution is to move Subsystems to a library and reuse them from there.




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