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Not understand function/command

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Shahrin Islam
Shahrin Islam on 22 Oct 2018
Commented: Shahrin Islam on 22 Oct 2018
Hello everyone i am a new learner of matlab and trying to read and understand code line by line. For that i use matlab help to understand the command. But in many cases, when i enter any command in matlab help it shows not found. I am attaching a code here below. In the last line there is a command 'frames' which i didn't understand and could not find in matlab help as well. Please help me..
Frames = zeros(540, 960, 40);
c = 0;
%for t=470:519
for t=1:100
c = c + 1;
% name=sprintf('lightswicth/%d.bmp', t);
% name = strcat('foregroundaperture/b00',num2str(t),'.bmp');
name = strcat('vid/Image',num2str(t),'.jpg');
Frames(:, :, c)=imggray;


Torsten on 22 Oct 2018
A three-dimensional matrix named "Frames" of dimension 540x960x40 is created in the very first line of the code. So this is no command, but a data structure created by the person who wrote the code.
Shahrin Islam
Shahrin Islam on 22 Oct 2018
Thank you so much. But do I understand the purpose of writing this? Or what does it mean by 'Frames(:, :, c)=imggray;' . Thanks in advance

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Matt J
Matt J on 22 Oct 2018
It is not a command. Frames is the name of a variable which was created in the first line of the code you have posted.


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