how to bond two servers to serve the same entity with double service rate in simevents?

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I want to bond two servers if both are not busy to serve the same entity with 2*service_rate (only access the system if two channels are free), so this entity got higher throughput. Moreover, if higher priority user arrived (which can only using single server) choose a server randomly and it interrupts one of the lower priority user channel, so this lower user will forced terminated. I will be grateful for any suggestions.

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 4 Dec 2018
Hi Mohamed,
As far as I know, there is no easy way to model your requirements with built-in blocks. Have you tried using the custom SimEvents block authoring environment viz. 'MATLAB Discrete Event System' OR 'Discrete Event chart'?
I believe using one of the above should help you achieve what you want. You can start with 'Custom Server' available in SimEvents Design Patterns and modify it to suit your needs.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask here, we can help you.
- Krishna


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