How can I assign the value of a signal to an entity attribute in SimEvents?

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I was looking arround for a way to assign the value of an arbitrary signal (or the parameter of a simulink function) to the attribute of a new entity in the new SimEvents but I didn't found examples or documentation about it. It was possible in the previous version of SimEvents, but the migration guidelines do not show an example of this. the examples are on random variables that you can create inside the event actions. Can someone give a tip on this? thanks.

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 4 Dec 2018
Hi Javier,
You can write the value of the signal to a 'Simulink Function' block. You can call a simulink function from the event action methods (available in most SimEvents blocks) to access the signal value. You can then assign the signal value to an attribute in the event action.
For example, please see the attached model.
- Krishna

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Javier Baliosian
Javier Baliosian on 4 Dec 2018
thanks Krishna.


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