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Removing a shared folder in MATLAB Online

Asked by James Toney on 7 Nov 2018
Latest activity Edited by Cris LaPierre
on 14 Dec 2018
Once another user has shared a folder with me in MATLAB Online, is there a way for me to remove that folder from my Shared (with me) view, or does the owner of the folder have to un-share it? I am experimenting with students submitting assignments through shared folders, but I want to be able to remove them at the end of the course.


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Answer by Cris LaPierre
on 7 Nov 2018
Edited by Cris LaPierre
on 14 Dec 2018
 Accepted Answer

---- EDIT: Dec 12, 2018 - It is now possible. See comment and link below ----
It is not currently possible for you to remove a folder that has been shared with you. The person who shared it has to unshare it.
That being said, this is a new product that is constantly being updated. New functionality is constantly being added so I'd keep checking back every few months.


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Yes, I am planning to use MATLAB Grader for some assignments. MATLAB Online would be for assignments that involve GUIs or other interactive features that cannot be graded automatically.
Thought I'd follow up. Today an update was released for MATLAB Drive. It has some new features that you may be interested in. Read about them here.
Thanks, that's very helpful!

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