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to compare the floating value of a signal with file.mat signal

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In a simulink simulation i've "recorded" a signal in a file.mat. Now, in an other simulation i need to compare a new signal with file.mat-signal (i'll call file.mat-signal as m(t)).
For example with the floating value f(t) of the new signal (in the new simulation) i need to know the time t such that:
abs(f(t)-m(t)) < some tolerance value
I know that t is an element of the file.mat matrix, but i don't know how i can do the comparison in simulink.

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Seth Popinchalk
Seth Popinchalk on 30 Mar 2011
You can build the equation using blocks from the Math Operations and Logic and Bit Operations libraries.
You will need an ABS block, a Sum Block and you could use the Compare to Constant to make the comparison to the tolerance value. This produces a signal that will be 1 when the condition is true. That can be used to trigger or enable a conditionally executed subsystem.
cyberdyne on 30 Mar 2011
I've loaded mat-file. Inside it there are time value with 1s decimation (0 1 2 3...) as 1st row and there are signal value samples as 2nd row. If i plot 1st row-->2nd row, it returns me original signal as it is.
I tried to record time of the 1st simulation in an other mat-file and:
FromFile(time.mat)----->SubSystem(with Trig.)---->display
But display doesn't show value of time of time.mat

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