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Parsim with different models

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Wenfeng Wan
Wenfeng Wan on 16 Nov 2018
Commented: kza on 29 Nov 2019
How does parsim assign different models to different workers/cores?
It seems that parsim can assign the same models with different parameter to different workers/cores.


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Accepted Answer

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar on 27 Nov 2018
Hi Wenfeng,
parsim only supports running parallel simulations of a single model (with different parameter values). I will create an enhancement request to support running simulations of different models in parallel.


Wenfeng Wan
Wenfeng Wan on 29 Nov 2018
Thanks very much for your answer.
kza on 29 Nov 2019
Thanks for the answer.
Additionally: What does happen, if one assigns many different Simulink.SimulationInput objects for different models to parsim. Does it only load one model and then change the parameters, or does it actually run the different models but just in a row and not parallel?
Thanks in advance!

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