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Can I write the output of a 'summary' command of a 'table'-variable to a variable ?

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Luisa Liboni
Luisa Liboni on 11 Dec 2018
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Some answers about this were posted in 2015
I am using Matlab 2017 and the hack suggested does not seem to work. I have made a local copy of the summary function and incorporated the fid into every fprinf as instructed. By doing this (suggested by Guilaume) I reveice the following error:
Unrecognized variable name 'getProperty'.
Any help?

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GT on 11 Dec 2018
I believe as of R2017b you can do the following:
a = summary(tab)
This will return a structure with the information that summary typically prints to the command window. I am on R2018b and here is a small example:
a = rand(10,1)
b = table(a,a)
c = summary(b)
% returns the following
ans =
struct with fields:
Size: [10 1]
Type: 'double'
Description: ''
Units: ''
Continuity: []
Min: 0.0975
Median: 0.7235
Max: 0.9649
NumMissing: 0
Would this be a reason to move to a newer release for you?
GT on 12 Dec 2018
Following Guillaume's reasoning you could always do:
tsummary = struct2table(summary(yourtable));




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