Retrieve data from several folders and structures

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I have data organized in folders. Each folder contains a structure. I need to go through all the folders retrieving some of the fields from the structures, and organize the data in a new structure.
The folders are folder_1, folder_2.....folder_n. Each folder contains a structure called motion_data. I need to extract the information from motion_data.response.X, which is a 20x15 double.
I would like to structure the extracted data in the following manner:
Can I get help with this? I'm not sure waht is an efficient way to go through all the folders and retrieve the info to save it in the new structure.

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GT on 16 Dec 2018
If I understand correctly you have data files in different folders and you want to take subset of that data and reorganize it in a new structure.
To solve this there are a couple of things you can try: (I am on a mac and R2018b so the slashes might be different for you).
a = dir('**/*.mat'); % I am assuming the data you have in each folder is a type *.mat but if it is something else change this
newStruct = []
for i = 1:size(a,1)
% Read data from each file in which ever way you do today
mydata = load(a(i).File)
[~,d,~] = fileparts(a(i).folder)
newStruct = setfield(newStruct,d,mydata)
Please note that this will kind of work, depends on how you store your data in each of the folders but the key things here are:
  • fileparts gets information from dir and parses the folders
  • setfield is how you programatically add fields to structures
Hope this helps you

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