How to insert code segments from another MATLAB file?

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Could anyone tell me how can I "import" MATLAB code segments into another code?
I mean, I have some parameters in a file and I want to embed it in a function, for example, a data input.
y=2; % or something more complex than that
main code:
function result = func(M)
% I want to insert my input here
result = M+y;
Thanks for your help!
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per isakson
per isakson on 18 Dec 2018
Edited: per isakson on 18 Dec 2018
Are you sure you want to do that? I cannot justify this construct.
Rename input.dat to my_input.m, move it to a folder that's in the search path and add the line
to your function.

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Accepted Answer

GT on 18 Dec 2018
There usually are 3 ways that I have seen people do this.
  • in your func.m add a comment with a special TAG (e.g. %#mycode), then replace the TAG with the code you want. This can be done with simple fileread(filename). This will work for *.m or any other text files
  • in your func.m call a script as per is suggesting (this could be empty or with data) so your func.m will always run, it may error out if the script file is not generated properly
  • in your func.m if you are only loading variables you could always load a mat file
Hope this helps
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Camila Perico
Camila Perico on 18 Dec 2018
Thank tou per isakson and GT, you helped me a lot. All sugestions worked well.

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