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Load data one file at time for CNN training

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Sunny el 8 de En. de 2019
Respondida: Vishal Bhutani el 11 de En. de 2019
I have dataset with 4700 images with dimensions 2000*102. All these images are converted to seperate CSV files (pixel values). I think I can't load all these csv files at a time as this will crash my RAM (32GB) when the network starts to train. Is it possible in Matlab to access each image(.csv) file during training and testing from storage location rather than placing it on RAM. This is to train and test CNN in deep learning extension.

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Vishal Bhutani
Vishal Bhutani el 11 de En. de 2019
Try the solutions mentioned in the link attached below. It contains solution how to access data from CSV file directly when size of CSV file is large.
Hope it helps.


Más información sobre Image Data Workflows en Help Center y File Exchange.





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