How to plot a graph with 2 Y axis of different scale in Matlab 2015?

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I need to plot 2 plots on the same graph with one y axis on the left and other y axis on the right in Matlab 2015.

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Mustafa Abu-Mallouh
Mustafa Abu-Mallouh el 15 de En. de 2019
Editada: Mustafa Abu-Mallouh el 15 de En. de 2019
For MATLAB R2015_, take a look at the plotyy function. That should be what you are looking for.
Beginning with R2016a, you would want to take a look at the yyaxis function and use that instead.
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Yadu Bhusal
Yadu Bhusal el 2 de Mzo. de 2022
Editada: Yadu Bhusal el 2 de Mzo. de 2022
Well I was stuck on the same problem. I want 3 data set in primary y axis and 2 data set on secondary y axis with common data along x axis. I tried with [hAx, hLine1, hLine2] = plotyy([x',x',x'],[y1,y2,y3],[x',x'],[y4,y5]) It didn't work. But it worked for two data on primary and one data in secondary. Any help would be appreciated.

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