Help about Project Recording the Temperature and Heart Beat from hand wrist

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Emre Ilgin Tamturk
Emre Ilgin Tamturk on 30 Jan 2019
Answered: Jogesh Nanda on 13 Feb 2019
Hı everyone,
I have a project and ı need some help about it
This is a biomedical recording and monitoring project
I want to record the Temperature and Heart Beat on hand wrist via sensors using MATLAB OR Arduino
and ı want to show the values of HeartBeat and Temperature graphically using ThingSpeak
Is there anyone who can help me about this project ?
I hope you help me
Thanks a lot.

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Jogesh Nanda
Jogesh Nanda on 13 Feb 2019
For this First
step 1 : you have to create an account in
step 2 : install library for thinkspeak in Arduino IDE
step 3 : create each channel for each sensor data to be transfered to MATLAB
step 4 : call the channel ID in Matlab and plot it.
for further referrence or as example refer to


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