I have matrix F (x,y coordinates), which is 1000*2 matrix. i calculated distances between coordinates using PDIST2 command. i want coordinates which are at distance greater than 22?

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F = [x5;y5]'; % x,y coordinates
distances = pdist2(F,F); %% claculating distances between every coordinate to all other coodinates
closepoints = distances > 22; %% checking the condition
result = find(closepoints==1); %%
based on the logical condition how to get the coordinates (x,y) which are grater than 22

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Accepted Answer

Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 4 Feb 2019
One possible solution would be like this:
F = [x5;y5]'; % x,y coordinates
D = pdist(F); % pdist function is suitable in this case
idx = squareform(D) > 22;
[p1,p2] = find(triu(idx));
Then, F(p1(i),:) and F(p2(i),:) (for i = 1, ..., numel(p1)) will give the coordinates (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) whose distance are grater than 22.
M.Prasanna kumar
M.Prasanna kumar on 6 Feb 2019
In your case F is 4*2, out of four coordinates 3 coordinates are satisfying the condition (all possible distances between every coordinate to all other coordintes is greater than 22)
suppose In my case F is 1000*2 (randomly generated ) . out ofthousand how many such possible coordinates will satisfy the condition

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