regarding label source names in data set imagedatastore

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i am working on image classification problem .I am using dataset in which there are some parent folder.Each parent folder have some sub folders.And these subfolders contain the image data.when i use imagedatastore to load ,it takes subfolder as class
I want to take parent folder as class(all the folder in that parent folder sould be a class named as parent folder name).
how to do this .

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Johanna Pingel
Johanna Pingel on 12 Feb 2019
ImageDatastore works really well if you have a parent class and 1 sub folder per class.
If not, you may have to do a little more processing. I'm sure there's a ton of ways to accomplish this: I would suggest getting all of your images and labels for each class into a datastore
class1 = imageDatastore({'cat1/random_folder/','cat1/'});
class1.Labels = repelem("cat1",numImages);
Do this for each class, then combine them into one super datastore
imdsFinal = imageDatastore([class1.Files; class2.Files]);
imdsFinal.Labels = [class1.Labels; class2.Labels]);
This should work and be able to customize to what you're trying to do!

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