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Read and Extract channel data from Hyperspectral images

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faheem ifti
faheem ifti el 16 de Feb. de 2019
Respondida: Subhadeep Koley el 8 de Abr. de 2021
I have a hyperspectral tile which incl 3 x files:-
a. A data file of type "file".
b. An 'enp' file with the same name.
c. An 'HDR' file with the same name.
I want to extract different wavelenghts from this tile, view different channels, view image as RGB etc.
What tool should i use. I tried PLS+MIA toolbox but it gives error.

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley el 8 de Abr. de 2021
You can use the hypercube(__) function to read and explore hyperspectral images.
% Read the hyperspectral image (specify your image file name here)
hCube = hypercube('jasperRidge2_R198.hdr');
% Compute RGB, CIR, and falsecolored image
rgbImg = colorize(hCube, 'method', 'rgb', 'ContrastStretching', true);
cirImg = colorize(hCube, 'method', 'cir', 'ContrastStretching', true);
fcImg = colorize(hCube, 'method', 'falsecolored', 'ContrastStretching', true);
% Visualize results
tiledlayout(1, 3)
axis image off
title('RGB image')
axis image off
title('CIR image')
axis image off
title('False-colored image')
For visualization of individual pixel spectra / hyperspectral band image you can use the interactive hyperspetralViewer App. e.g.
% Launch hyperspectral viewer
Note: All the above mentioned fetures come under Image Processing Toolbox's Hyperspectral Imaging Library support package, and can be downloaded from here.

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